February 5, 2023

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Nine Ways to Go From Trashman to Cashman

Don’t you just love those stories that end with “and they lived happily ever after?” We all grew up with those stories. Often called fairy tales. Those stories provided us as children and young adults with a head full of dreams and possibilities. It was too bad that real life seemed to get in the way.

It was less than a year ago that we met Myron Golden. We had flown to Dallas, TX to attend his six figure business school. It is very difficult to try to capture Myron in words. He is a ball of energy, ideas, encouragement, and challenge. If you can’t do something it is only because you don’t know something yet is one of his favorite sayings. (I know I just paraphrased that but you get the idea.)

Have you ever had your basic business understanding challenged? We have all been raised and in that upbringing we have developed a business attitude. Most of us do not have a clue about it, but it is true. It wasn’t until I started to examine my past that I understood where my attitudes toward money and success came from. I don’t think any parent intentionally sets out to develop a ‘wrong’ attitude. It just seems to come out of everyday living.

When you meet Myron you do find out very quickly that you cannot use excuses. He had polio as a child. He has to wear a leg brace all the time. Oh well, you can read his story in his published books or attend one of his many seminars. What you are interested in is how to go from trash to cash. Let me outline the nine ways that he brought about the transformation.

1. Network Marketing. So, does this first point turn you off? If you are not vice-president or on up in a corporation maybe you had better rethink your position. I am fully aware that there are a multitude of rip-off organizations out there but if you do you research you’ll find that there is a larger multitude of tremendous opportunities. Most of us fail in network marketing because we are not willing to learn and make the necessary changes in our lives to succeed. When we fail we can blame them. They had a poor business plan, the product isn’t all that great, bad training, no training, etc.

2. Internet Marketing. You might as well wake up to the fact that the world is changing and so is the business model. If you are afraid of the internet it’s because you don’t understand it. It is here and here to stay.

3. Training Seminars. If you read five books on any given subject you are more knowledgeable than ninety percent of the people. Study a topic and start presenting seminars on that topic.

4. eBay business. I still shake my head at this. It is unbelievable that people can make so much money on an auction site. But they do. That was definitely one thing I learned.

5. Record label. I don’t know how many of us will do this but it worked for Myron. He could write poetry so he teamed up with a musician. There’s a clue. Team-work.

6. Merchant Accounts. This is a way for people who have an internet business to accept payment via credit cards. An independent company who will handle the money for your sales. You can actually team up with them and when you refer someone you also get some income.

7. Investment Business. When you start making money you better have some way of investing it or you will lose it.

8. Coaching. This is the ‘in thing’ these days. Anybody who is anybody seems to have a personal coach or mentor. When you get good at your business you can coach others and get paid for the coaching.

9. Teleseminars. Why go to all the trouble and expense of renting a room at some convention center or hotel when you can have the seminar on the telephone. This is another area of change. There are actually companies out there that have free conference call telephone lines. You can charge people to come or sell your products to those who came or both.

Those are the nine things that Myron Golden has done to go from trashman to cashman.

James Heller