Stuck in your MLM business? Not getting noticed? There is only ONE way to get noticed in this industry and that is through self-branding. Self-branding (and the whole “You, Inc.” business model) will bring your MLM business to a completely new level if done in the right way. This could mean the difference between 5 leads trickling in per month and 50 (or more) leads coming in PER DAY.

Self-Branded Websites vs. Replicated Websites

Say you joined this great MLM company and you’re really excited. You pay the joining fee, get your little distributor kit and get set up on the auto-ship. The products are great, the sales pages are great and you are ready to go! So you set up your little cookie-cutter replicated company website and start promoting like a beast.

Your site starts getting hits. And the sales page is great, so it creates a LOT of interest. But, because people don’t usually buy something the first time they see it, these people decide to actually go online and do some research on your company. So they go to Google, type in the company name, hit search and guess what happens next? If I’ve done my homework right and applied the right self-branding principles, my personal website (or an article directed to my personal website) will be up there on the first page of Google. And I can guarantee you these things about my site:

  • My site is not a company replicated site;
  • My site has my name plastered all over it;
  • My site has very useful information these people can actually use; and
  • My site has free training tools that anyone can sign up for.

My site starts building a relationship the minute someone gets there. And the great thing about this is that I don’t even have to be a distributor for your company to take your business. I simply do some kind of business review on your company and get it on the first page of Google to attract their attention. This is what self-branding is all about – marketing YOURSELF as someone who can BRING VALUE to others.Ok, so who do think the business will ultimately go to after the research is done? I’m banking on me because that is how self-branding using attraction marketing works. You, Inc. is what you need to promote – not your business. The business will come later (pretty much guaranteed) if you offer something of value and actually help people.

Self-Branding Proof

Go online and research every major leader in this industry and you will see they have their very own site bearing their very own names. And I can guarantee you they are raking in the leads. They didn’t get there by using company replicated sites. They made a name for themselves. They stood out and positioned themselves as leaders. And as you position yourself as leader, people will want to follow you. They will want some of what you have.

Your first item of business today should be to get rid of your little replicated, cookie-cutter website. If you don’t start implementing self-branding in your business now all of your work will be in vain and it will inevitably go to someone else. Believe me, there are plenty of people banking on just that and waiting for those free leads. Don’t give them up!