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Water Pollution Solutions

These days water pollution is considered as the main problem on this earth. The chief source which has contributed to the water pollution is the human beings. Human beings needs the water at par and though a big contributor in the water pollution. The sweet water in the form of rivers and ponds are so polluted that it has come to the level of extinction. Water pollutants are of different types but mostly four contributors are agriculture, natural, industrial pollutants and municipal. The natural water pollutants can include earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which leaves an unbalance oceanic floor causing flash floods. Even global warming has also some contribution to the water pollution. As a water pollution solution, human beings cannot do anything about the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, but can do little about global warming. But some scientist says that global warming is an irreversible damage.

Poultry waste and other animal waste can be considered as the major cause of water pollution. These wastes can be called agricultural pollutants. Animal wastes and other wastes related to agriculture are disposed in the nearby stream of water. Even farmers dispose pesticides and fertilizers use in the crops are disposed in the rivers and fresh water streams. Water pollution solution in case of the agricultural pollutants can be easily reached with some strong steps. In case of agricultural pollutants mass propaganda about the proper disposal of waste should be conducted.

Then comes the water pollution caused by the municipalities. Municipalities play an important role in the water pollution because all the waste from the cities and residential areas is dumped into the nearby rivers and ocean. The liquid waste thrown by the residential areas is directly thrown into the river. A government should take strict steps in order to dump waste from the cities and residential areas as a major water pollution solution. Industrial sector can be directly blamed for the major water pollution. Industries directly dump their hazardous and toxic chemicals directly into the river and oceans. These pollute the water in a larger extent. Even the left out hazardous material from the petroleum and nuclear plants are dumped into the water. This leads to a serious water pollution which cannot be treated for millions of years to come. Governments should come with some strict laws for the dumping of these toxic materials as a part of a water pollution solution. Toxic and hazardous liquid material should be well treated in the treatment plants before dumping in the river or ocean.

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